The Bhutto mystery and why was González-Torres representing the U.S.?

lbn02.jpg As seen in the news recently, the Bhutto killing continues to raise questions (times online), still dredging up outrage about U.S. interests in the region and what sort of vested interest Americans had in this election. Perhaps that is why it is so brilliant to juxtapose images of that memory with another instance of American suspicious interests abroad, but one that is often not given as much thought. Luis Berrios Negrón recently sent me images of two new collages he made.  He wrote in an email: “I attach here two of a series of seven titled “ventiocho de diciembre del dos mil siete”. These are collages assembled on collected posters by Félix Gonzalez Torres. The images come from publications gathered on the day after Benazir Bhutto’s death. The first (left) is titled “Berliner Kurier Freitag/Viernes 28.12.2007” (58cmX102cm) and the second (right) “The Guardian Freitag/Viernes 28.12.2007″ (76cmX144cm). The latter will be on display for a small 3 day show at Nice & Fit Gallery here in Berlin starting tomorrow.”  In addition to being some really nice collages, the problematic issue of choosing FGT to represent American cultural interest abroad  seems to be dealt with here through the pairing of his collected posters with mediatic mementos from the press after Bhutto’s killing. Here is another collage:lbn01.jpg   bhuttoskull_comp_38_279889a.jpg A scan of Bhutto’s  skull, courtesy of the Times Online.


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