Mission: Gentrify

Ripped from the very pages of San Francisco Magazine (a propos, it is a Modern Luxury Media publication), an article about San Francisco’s historically working class and immigrant neighborhood, a typical setting of rising property values colliding with inclusive housing efforts. The article hails the increasing investment and nice little nibbles in what was, supposedly, a setting just like HBO’s the Wire. Never has the mission itself to clear an area of all unwanted pests been more apparent. The headline, “From projects to prosciutto.” The index page reads: “The Mission’s north end enters its sweet mid-gentrification phase.” (I had never heard of “mid-gentrification” before but bravo for sweet progress!) On page 72: “now foodies and culturephiles, presumably tired of the Mission hype–and looking for a new sketchy neighborhood to demarginalize–are moving in.” (A clear, simple map thrown in helps to certify the new status and helps you, the friendly gentrifier, conquer). If you wish to re-marginalize those un-hip, already pre-marginalized residents who now seem to be in the way of the new central place, then you must pay to provide this service to the city: “$1,475 for a one-bedroom apartment. $638,000 for a remodeled three-bedroom unit in a tenancy-in-common.” Go forth, bourgeoisie, and make the city ‘livable’!