Gems from the Inbox: The Ivy Plus Society Mixer

The Ivy Plus Society. TIPS, for short. Just couldn’t resist posting this announcement of an event that invited elite grads to cavort and frolic in the very womb of underprivilege, San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood.

Slummin’ it with twelve dollar cocktails, while your own privilege gets accentuated by the contrast with the grimy misery all around. Check this out:

Date: Thursday, July 24, 2008
Time: 7 – 10 pm
Venue: The Ambassador (
Location: 673 Geary St, San Francisco CA

Cost: $14

TIPS Goes Royal (Tautology? Maybe. But “Royal” and “Ambassador” –seemingly that is the logic here, I presume– don’t seem to make much sense, my fellow privileged alumni.)

TIPS brings together young alumni from a select group of schools to create a community of talented, dynamic individuals. (As if they didn’t all work together in the same law firms, hedge funds and corporate offices already and needed some mechanism to get together.) The chance to meet incredible people was one of the best parts of the top schools we were privileged to attend. (“But didn’t we earn it??”) We create fun opportunities for this exceptional group to connect here in the real world (of course, it’s the real world; it’s the ‘Loin. Urban=’the real’), beyond the iron-gates of our alma maters.

We’ve kicked off the summer with two great TIPS San Fran parties so far, bringing together over 250 fabulous young alums at each event. Join us for our next party at The Ambassador to continue this cocktailing-connecting-laughing Thursday tradition. (“cocktailing-connecting-laughing.” I think we have some marketing pros among us).

Of the Ambassador, Citysearch says “this two-level lounge practically purrs with seductive touches like masculine leather seating areas, exposed brick, twinkling chandeliers and custom black wallpaper sporting the establishment’s logo. Antique-style rotary phones set into the booths give patrons’ a lifeline to the bar (and to each other), where bartenders churn house-made mixers into classic cocktails.”

Once you register, you will be added to the event guest list at the door. No physical ticket will be sent to you (although PayPal will email you a receipt for your records).

Advance Registration will be open through 10 AM July 24th. After that, limited admission will be available at the door on a first-come-first served basis until we reach venue capacity. Once we near capacity, admission will be guest-list only.

(And the zinger!!:)
The Fine Print
*You must be 21 to attend & plan to drink responsibly. Designate a driver & absolutely do not drink and drive because that perfect smile probably cost your parents a lot in dental bills and scattering your teeth all over the road would just seem downright disrespectful. (And yet this would be a good excuse for that plastic surgery I was meaning to get…)

*No refunds or cancellations permitted.

* Check em out on flickr and their website.


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