Just Quotes…

Javier passed his PhD oral exam (see more on that) and in honor of being a step closer to being out there in the vaunted job market, here are some anonymous quotes picked from a geography listserv (institution names and authors removed in order to protect the innocent):

  • “(…)attempt to preemptively push back against the budget-cutting plans of our evil neoliberal administration (the President of the University of [redacted] made over $730,000 last year). The state budget forecast is coming out tomorrow, but the rumor is that[redacted] faces a 4-6 billion dollar shortfall;”
  • “I prefer not to call my institution “neo-liberal” just a good old-fashioned Marxist “exploitative”. We teach courses of 360 with one teaching assistant and there is constant pressure to make sure we are “using” our TAs to the maximum extent.”
  • Here is a related article in the NY Times.”
  • “So this past spring I taught three courses, with 110 students total, as an adjunct faculty member in [redacted]. The pay? Two grand per class, before taxes. And – of course – no benefits. That probably comes out at about minimum wage. (…) Here in the right-to-work south, when it comes to neoliberal institutions, we’ve been on the cutting edge for some time. Instead of being backwards – according to the common stereotype – maybe we’re the future.”
  • “At [redacted], the budget cuts are so severe that our department has had to lay off almost all of our non-tenure track faculty starting next semester. Some of these are people who had been teaching here for 15+ years. And we are all fully unionized. The future might be even worse than we think.”