Garden of Reverse Destinies Postscript

To add to the last post about Puerto Rico’s romantic ruins of a Moshe Safdie project, I’m tickled to find out that Canada has made Habitat 67 into a historic monument. How appropriate! What a collision of architectural proclivities. Puerto Rico should hurry and give historic status to its Safdie piece as well.

On the one hand, with Habitat 67, Safdie showed the world what is often said to be an alternative model for mass low-cost, prefab dwellings. Save us from ourselves, will ya? (I’ve heard that Habitat 67, far from housing the masses of displaced peoples is actually packed with, who else?, architects). For ages many in the development and architecture professions have upheld Habitat as a solution for ‘out of control’ cities.  But, oh!, the irony… At the end of the day, the ruin, as I suggested in the past post, might prove to be architecture’s higher calling. (And Dov Charney seems to agree).

See also Safdie’s wikipedia entry.


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