Some Open Tabs Right Now

Building a Smarter Favela: IBM Signs Up Rio (Fast Company) IBM plans to build a ‘Single City Operations Center’ in Rio to monitor and control the sprawling megalopolis via Archis/Volume |  NAACP’s S.C. rally targets Civil War myths, immigration and budget cuts, via McClatchy |  Austal “I have a terrible vision of these cruising the denuded, biological-desert oceans of the mid-21st century– Adam Greenfield (agpublic)   |  Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre Photography – The Ruins of Detroit “Best Detroit Porn yet.  (sorry Michiganers)” – Kazys Varnelis |  sex, art, and politics (Aishwarya Rai may sue Elle India for whitening her skin on recent cover.): “They don’t see race. Everybody needs 2 be equally whiter” Via DJ Rupture |   Code and Culture: ontology and re-thinking how technologies are designed, purposed, and circulated Via – Mark Graham (geoplace)  |  Fire Kills 8 At Abandoned New Orleans Warehouse |  Katrina refugees civil rights suit blocked |  University of California execs demand Wall Street pay; prove to be just as low


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