.@archpaper “Architects Without Redevelopment Agencies” So what?

A new editorial by Sam Lubell in the Architect’s Newspaper is well-worth reading. Lubell sounds the alarm bells because Governor Jerry Brown has been looking into slashing redevelopment agencies from the state budget. And this probably means bad news for architects. Finally, one could say, an architecture publication is paying attention to the cuts in California.

But it is a sad state of self-serving affairs that it has taken this long for just about anyone in the architecture journalism and writing world to pay attention. I haven’t crunched numbers, but I’m willing to bet that architects in California should really be sounding the alarms for the long and deep cuts to housing, education, services, and health. What, like architects don’t design schools or urgent care facilities? Do homeless people with psychiatric problems not deserve better than electric shock at the hands of the police for health services? When clinics get cut, architects and their publications have stayed mute. It’s both a social issue and a professional one. But when it comes to corporate welfare for new stadiums, the Architect’s Newspaper chimes in? And this is not even discussing what Jerry Brown’s proposed $500 million cut to the UC will mean for architecture schools, at a time when it has already become prohibitive to even study architecture, let alone practice it. We can come back to that issue later…

See also some good discussion over here, especially Orhan’s comment. Gotta run… Back to this later.


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